IAP Survey Results Summary

Summary for Ghana

Region: Western


Population 27,379,000
Number of pathologists 30
Number of pathologists per million population 1.10
Number of pathologists in training 5
Number of oncologists 4
Number of oncologists per million population 0.15
Number of histotechnologists 6+
Number of histotechnologists in training 0
Number of cytotechnologists 4
Number of cytotechnologists in training 0
Histo/cytotechnologists per million 0.37
Are IHC services available? Yes
Is chemotherapy available? Yes
Is radiation therapy available? Yes
Number of small biopsies (BX) per year 5001-10000
Average turnaround for small biopsies 1-2 wks
Number of fine needle aspirations (FNA) per year 1001-5000
Average turnaround for FNAs 3 d - 2 wks
Total diagnostic procedures (BX + FNA) per year 5001-10000
Average turnaround time for diagnostic procedures 1-2 wks

National Medical Schools

  • Kwame Nkrumah School of Medical Sciences, Kumasi
  • University of Ghana Medical School, Korle Bu, Accra

Lab Responses

Pathologist Training: Yes
Lab Type(s): University, Private
Pathology Services: Yes
Diagnostic Services: Cytology/FNA, IHC, Autopsies

2 Responders from Ghana

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