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African Strategies for Advancing Pathology (ASAP) is a not for profit organization composed of professionals with a common interest in increasing and improving access to diagnostic pathology and laboratory medicine in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) and other regions of the world that currently lack access to these services. The group is composed of individuals with expertise and interest in histopathology, cytopathology,medical microbiology, haematology and haematopathology, infectious disease pathology, information management, public health advocacy,public health policy, health systems, laboratory management, and process improvement. Many of the members are from sub-Saharan Africa (SSA), and of those based in the European Union, Australia and the United States, all have extensive experience working in Africa.  

Board of Directors


Shahin Sayed- Chair

Michael Wilson - Secretary

Martin Hale   

Moses Isyagi 

Rudo Makunike - Mutasa

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African Strategies for Advancing Pathology Members
ASAP members working.
ASAP team.
ASAP members working.

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