African Strategies for Advancing Pathology Goals.

Goals - Our Vision

We, the ASAP Group, envision a future in which the importance of pathology in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) is recognized at local, national, regional, continental and international levels; a SSA with a competent pathology workforce and a number of expert centers that are supported by a high quality sustainable delivery system to improve the quality of life in person living in SSA.

Goals for 2014-2019

Increase Advocacy for Pathology
1. Create and implement an advocacy plan 2. Generate an economic case for pathology 3. Raise the pathology profile in the medical community
Make Pathology Work
4. Build network for teaching and training 5. Define and develop standards for acceptable practices 6. Build, strengthen, and maintain operational laboratories 7. Leverage private, research, and commercial sectors

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